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Peter Mørk

Multimedia designer. Projectmanager and content developer.

About Me

I am a hands on digital and practical concept and content developer.
I originate from Odense in the center of Denmark.
I work inside the field of multimedia development. I create and supervise construction and development of various digital solutions, may it be for communication and branding or installation and art projects.
I have insight and understanding of classic coding in html, css, js and php.
I work with a various amount of Adobe programs to optimize and realize digital solutions for on and off the web.
My main force is to maintain and optimize team efforts in development and the realization of solid and functional solutions for clients and target groups.

curriculum vitae

Over the years i have collected a sturdy amount of education in fysical, cultural
and behavioral science, and work experience in communication and sales.
Feel free to investigate my CV.


My Work


If i have your interest, come seek me out.