Workshop – Animate Art

This workshop revolved around using Photoshop and Illustrator to create an animated artwork in Animate CC, based of a piece of art from anywhere in the world.

I chose the work of a Russian surrealist painter named Vladimir Kush. Born and raised in the surrealist time period, he grew up with the works of painters like Salvador Dali and other highly inspirational artists from the periods of the Renaissance, Impressionism and Modern Art which he studied at the school for higher arts and crafts in Moscow.

I fell in love with this picture while doing my research. I have been to all the museums of Salvador Dali, and while i was researching on usable surrealistic pictures to manipulate i stumbled across this beauty. At first i found another version which was very similar to Dali’s paintings of butterflies, but it turned out to be kush’s own creation.
I felt intrigued by the landscape and felt inclined to try and bring the story and essence of the picture to life. It is playfull, sweet and brings wonder. I wanted to bring all these things to life:

I beg of you to bare with me, during my crude sketches. but i wanted to bring the butterflies to life. at least the few in the foreground. Then have the man, walking through the environment, stopping and poking a butterfly and slowly walk on into the sunrise.

I didn’t use any scripts during my work, but i tried to implement elements of squash and stretch on the artwork of the butterflies wings, along with different stroke speeds. Further more i tried to make some follow through and overlapping on the mans pacing.
also his movespeed in the end is intented as a slow out.

I did a calculated music break while adding the music to the animation (hard as hell if i may add), this timing, with the beginning of the higher notes of the violin, gave a mix of anticipation, staging and secondary action with the flight of the butterfly. I worked till midnight on the first day, to make sure i managed to finish what i set out to make. there are some few beauty marks here and there, but over all i am pleased with the outcome. I hope you like it as well:

Visualization Semester task

I took up the task of starting working with photoshop to get some skills in the program straight away.
For now i feel like i have made a decent project for the visualisation task in photoshop.
I started out by misunderstanding the task at hand. (create a collage containing 10 pictures that describes you).
And i understood it as “create a collage containing 10 pictures of yourself”.
But as i realized it, i already had a working sketch done, and with some lively imagination i came to the conclusion that the pictures used described a lot of my different feelings, so i just went with it.
At least the assignment i gave myself was quite challenging in regards to using multiple of the different tools located in photoshop.
The theme i can mostly describe as a mixture of Galactus meeting “the little prince”.


Design work: Sketching, moodboards and Style-tiles

Now we started working on design process.
making and evaluating on different aspects of the process.
Starting with sketching, moodboards and style-tiles in regards to reaching an end product workplatform, to have tools to use to work together with the customer in the hopes of the colaborated agreement towards the end product.
Primarily during class we made different mockups of Moodboards and my badlymade first draft of a moodboard became my style-tile workaround, the idea was the implement the aspects of work labor, wood, stones, and concrete, which both resembles EAL as a whole, and their new campus buildings:

The given assignment demanded 2 drafts of style-tiles, working out of my moodboard made during classwork:

styletyle-1-peter-mork styletyle-2-peter-mork

First lecture in Adobe Animate

First animation class just completed!
took the other days illustrator drawings and animated them in animate. had to be creative and try and work with what i had. result is a little rushed, maybe some to fast frames and such, but overall not the worst product. ^^

Visualization – Illustrator intro

My first try at Illustrator. I am not misspleased by myself. i started out very slow and bad. 😀 doing some background, added the ugliest shooting star in the world. Then came some trees, and started to get a hang of it. then i started challenging myself further, doing effects on the planet and moon. then i started to improve on the theme of the picture. found pictures on the internet of pylons and siege tanks, and started outlining the best pictures. then combining strokes and adding color.  and i ended up with a fair product for now, and have some usable elements in there which i can animate in the near future.

Our first product

My first promotion video.
The idea was to make a funny response video to Samsung’s current problems with their Galaxy 7.
They have done well in regards to recalling ordered phones and other management issues, but why not help them a bit of the way in regards to damage control and give people back a little smile. 🙂
We got inside the top 8 of 28 groups.

First real day of getting our hands dirty

I thought we were the clay that would get molded?!?