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Peter Mørk


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Hey! I'm Peter.

I'm a visual and communication-minded multimedia designer.

I do hands-on development work with both offline and online media. I Take on assignments with a passion, whether the objective is to create joyful or contemplative content.

You will find me in Odense, in the heart of Denmark.

I'm working with a wide variety of Adobe's CreativeCloud apps, both for graphical manipulation, and for motion graphics, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Experience Design, InDesign, Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, and Audition.

I also write HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, and a bit of SQL in Jetbrains' PHPStorm to build modern and responsive websites.

Before dedicating myself to multimedia I have also been accumulating a solid amount of education in physical, cultural, and behavioral science, and work experience in communication and sales.

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My Work

bumper for the company SnapTrash

This animated bumper is for the startup SnapTrash company. I created a logo, and applied motion elements to mimic a camera zoom and click effect, and applied contextual sound elements.

Marine life based information video for F&B

I supervised the creation of this product. I created the storyboard for the storytelling, and applied design features and animation elements with the target group in mind, and did the voice recording.

Concept promo video to F&B

This was created as a sales pitch video, expressing research details along with final product elements of the installation. i supervised and created storyboards and animation elements.

Fully functionable installation prototype

For this prototype i build the functionality and assembled all the elements for the working prototype. I helped write and implement the AR code for the system and design element.

A3 Presentation poster

This poster was created for the presentation of a concept-idea for the Kongernes Jelling museum. I did the layout, graphical elements, and storytelling of the poster.

SnapTrash responsive website mockup

This was our first landing page mockup for 3rd semester exam. I created the section layouts, storytelling, icon choices, and color scheme.

Illustrator playfulness

Some of my early work, when I was Learning to work with illustrator. Letting my nerdyness flow, and playing with colors and themes from Blizzard Intertainment.

Personal funkyness in photoshop

I dived in to manipulating and cutting images, working with lighting and adjusting and mixing content. Yeah I can be real goofy sometimes.

3rd semester exam project

This is the outcome of my 3rd semester exam project. I created a redesign for a company called SnapTrash, market and company analysis, website, design manual and so much more.


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